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What forms and information do I need?


Should I order T-shirts in advance?

Yes. T-shirt preorders for your schools are open until March 16 (note: this deadline is firm). This is the best way to order because the shirts will be shipped to you prior to the event. After that, people will have to wait until the event to purchase a shirt, and we always run out of popular colors and sizes. DIRECTORS ONLY: place your order today, right here!  Pay directly through this site (credit cards only). (Note: If you are NOT a director (an individual or member of the general public), you may purchase a shirt here.)

May I bring additional students to help move equipment?

Yes; we highly recommend each band have at least 8 helpers (students, parents, etc.) to help with equipment (this is especially necessary in Stephens because of the stairs and long distances between the equipment storage, warm-up, and performance centers).  If you have extra auxiliary percussion, woodwind doubles, flugelhorns, trombone stools, etc., you'll want even more helpers.  Equipment helpers are given admission wristbands at no charge.


May I bring my band earlier than my scheduled time to watch other groups perform?

You may not unload your equipment any earlier than 90 minutes prior to your performance time, as we will not yet have space for you.  However, you and your students are welcome to arrive earlier to watch bands.  This will require dropping off students (no equipment) earlier to get admission wristbands and then making arrangements for your equipment to arrive 90 minutes prior to your performance.


My students want to watch the bands right after our performance; can we wait and load our equipment later?

You must vacate your storage area immediately after your performance.  As soon as you have loaded your equipment, you may resume watching other bands.


My 4A band plays near the end of the day and I anticipate possibly playing in the night finals; may I leave my equipment in the Stephens lobby?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the space to accommodate this request.


Do you accept credit cards, checks, or cash for registration, t-shirts, and admissions wristbands?

  • Registration: You must use a credit card or check (made payable to "Iowa Jazz Championships"). (No cash)

  • T-Shirts: You must use a credit card for advance order; you must pay cash on site at the event. (No checks)

  • Admissions: Audience members must pay cash for admissions wristbands. (No checks)


What equipment is provided in the performance venues?

20 chairs, 25 stands, piano, and 2 levels of risers. Stephens Auditorium has a vibraphone (courtesy of Pella High School); the centers in Scheman do not provide a vibraphone. Stephens Auditorium has a drum rug.

Does IJC use the NFHS site for copyright compliance?

No. All groups must fill out the form found here.


Will the daytime competition or evening finals be televised or live streamed?

There will be no live streaming of the bands for the daytime competition or evening finals.

What are the future dates of the Iowa Jazz Championships?

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Tuesday, April 8, 2025
Tuesday, April 7, 2026


Do the IJC Co-Chairs and Board of Directors know that the Scheman Building will undergo a renovation, and what is the plan? 

Yes, we are aware of the plans to renovate the Scheman building, are considering options, and will share updates with directors and the public as they become available.


Is there a record of literature performed at IJC?

Yes, right here. This is the most complete list we have; we realize that some schools are missing from some years.


Can I get an IJC W-9 form?

Yes, right here.


What if I have further questions about the Iowa Jazz Championships?

Contact one of the co-chairs

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